Set up in 1989, AREA is the European association of national refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump (RACHP) associations, representing RACHP contractors and engineers. AREA members presently represent more than 9,000 companies across Europe, a workforce of 125,000 and a turnover approaching € 20 billion in the refrigeration and air conditioning sectors.

Contractors are responsible for the design, installation, maintenance and repair of RACHP equipment. These companies are the indispensable competent intermediaries between component manufacturers:

  • compressors, heat exchangers, chillers, package units, counters, … (mechanical industry)
  • measurement, control and safety devices (electronic industry)
  • refrigerants, lubricants and insulation (chemical industry)

and final users:

  • cold stores and freezers (food industry)
  • refrigerated transportation (food distribution)
  • food product wholesalers and retailers (food sales)
  • private persons (domestic and household applications)
  • industrial refrigeration, materials processing, manufacturing process
  • water and machine cooling
  • stationary air conditioning
  • mobile air conditioning
  • special applications (laboratories, medical, military).

General mission statement

"support and initiate activities to promote the industry and its high standards of quality, in order to serve users' interest in a safe and uninterrupted usage of efficient refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment, and to create and maintain a favourable business climate for European refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump contractors, in terms of quality, safety, employment, fair competition and profitability".

General objectives

  • Harmonisation of education & training / certification
  • Promotion of technical evolutions
  • Environmental protection / tackling climate change / energy efficiency
  • Recommendations on and promotion of professional techniques & high-level standards

Key issues

Regulatory aspects
- F-Gas Regulation implementation and review
- Monitoring of ODS
- Energy efficiency
- Climate change
- Eco-design of energy-related products

Professional standards
- Heat pump installation
- F-gas leakage testing

Professional guidance
- Low GWP refrigerants

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